Malibu Canyon Home and Garden, LLC.

I am excited to offer a unique experience at the Sherman Oaks Antique Mall in Sherman Oaks, CA. I conceptualized my business idea in 2011 when I relocated to Malibu, CA from Atlanta, GA. I needed to secure a home and furnish it very quickly. I made a visit to several antique malls and fell in love with the hobby of antiquing. I furnished my first apartment in Malibu solely thru antique malls, flea markets and garage sales. I did so very quickly and cost effectively. I had so much fun furnishing my place this way, I thought, how fun would it be to do this for a living. I secured my business entity December of 2011 and waited for the right moment came along to move forward. I look at it as planting the seed; I nourished it and dreamed of it often. I left a Beverly Hills design group to follow my dream of “Malibu Canyon Home and Garden”. There is nothing like following your dreams to fruition and to see it physically set before you. It’s very rewarding

I now consider myself at vintage/antique home decor picker. A picker is someone who searches various venues for items that can re-sold. It’s amazing what you find at salvage yards, garage sales, flea markets and so on. I hand pick every item, bring it home clean and repair it and return it to the retail market for sale. I do believe that this is a very environmentally friendly footprint to make.

Please come visit my booth at Sherman Oaks Antique Mall. Most likely you will find me there working and updating my booth.

Take Care and Be Well,
Christopher W. Arzola-Skeen

A Vintage and New Home Decor Collection